2 Panel Lantern 400


The Coleman 2-Panel 400L LED Lantern will be your go-to device for camping, power outages, and more. Two detachable panels make it easy to take light with you without carrying the entire lantern. Simply pop one or both panels off the base to use as a personal light or flashlight for navigating your dark campsite or house. Each magnetized panel has its own controls to adjust to your liking, and easily attaches to metal surfaces for hands-free light when you need it. The base charges the panels when connected, and features a USB charging port to keep your mobile device powered and ready to go. Combined, the lights shine up to 400 lumens for as long as 20 hours, or 40 lumens on low for up to 200 hours. The lantern is IPX4 water resistant and its LED lights last a lifetime, so they never need replacing.

• 2 take-along light panels recharge on base
• Perfect for when you need light in more than one place
• Built-in flashlight on each panel provides directional light when you need it
• Fold-down panel handles double as stands
• Magnetic panels provide hands-free light when attached to toolboxes, car hoods, steel-framed shelters and more
• USB charging port to charge your mobile devices
• Base light stays lit when panels are removed
• Fold-down lantern handle for easy carrying in a space-saving design
• Individual controls on base and each panel
• 2 modes (lantern): high, low
• 2 modes (panel): high, low, flashlight
• Lumens (lantern): 400 (high), 40 (low)
• Lumens (panel): 100 (high), 25 (low), 100 (flashlight)
• Runtime (lantern): 20 hours (high), 200 hours (low)
• Runtime (panel): 3 hours (high), 14 hours (low), 3 hours (flashlight)
• Beam distance (lantern): 13 m (high), 6 m (low)
• Beam distance (panel): 13 m (high), 6 m (low), 40 m (flashlight)
• IPX4 water-resistant design
• Base powered by 4 D batteries (sold separately)
• Each panel powered by 3 AAA NiMH batteries (included)
• Lifetime LEDs never need replacing
• Size 12.9 x 19 cm, 650g
• Ordering time 7 to 10 days

Out of stock

Out of stock

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  • 2片可發光面板取下亦可單獨多樣化使用
  • 400流明亮度的營燈亦具有給行動電話充電的USB插槽
  • 將面板放回主體時,會發亮並且充電
  • 即使拆下面板,主體也會持續發亮
  • 亮度:約400流明(高)、40流明(低);[面板]約100流明(高)、10流明(低);約100流明(Spot)
  • 使用電源:D號鹼性電池*4顆(另購)
  • Size 12.9 x 19 cm, 650g
  • 訂購:需時7-10個工作日
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