Coleman 3 Pot Set


● Storage / diameter 24 * 20 (h) cm, weight: 3kg.
●Expanding the size/deep pot: diameter 22*17(h)cm, boiled rice pot: diameter 19*18(h)cm, pan: diameter 22.5cm* height 4(h)cm
● Made of 2.5mm thick aluminum material (125% thicker than other brands)
●The conditioning tool is made with non-stick pan, easy to use.
●The pan has a detachable handle design
● Suitable for stewing
●IH heat source (induction cooker) can also be used
●Can be stacked and stored lightly

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●收納/直徑24*20(h)cm, 重量:3kg.
●展開尺吋/深型鍋:直徑22*17(h)cm、 煮米鍋:直徑19*18(h)cm、平底鍋:直徑22.5cm*高4(h)cm

Weight 3 kg


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